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Get motivated to achieve the highest levels of success, health, wealth and happiness in your life



  • Receive positive re-enforced messaging consistently
  • Be motived daily to reach your goals
  • Visualize success via associated imagery
  • Develop a highly ambitious attitude towards being the best in your life

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Whether you want to achieve greater wealth, health & fitness, more confidence, less stress or more happiness in your life we have you covered.

  • Zen & Anti-stress

    Learn to live in the present more. Be free from future anxieties and be at peace with the past. Leave behind all your resentments, let go of anger and let go of desire.

  • Health & Fitness

    Stick to your health and fitness goals with with excuses. Form a constant exercising routine and healthy diet. Be motivated to always push yourself, and use the “Motivate my workout” feature to help get 100% out of your workout session

  • Entrepreneurship & Business

    Learn to never give up! Receive inspiring quotes from innovator who have struggled, persisted and succeeded before. Get inspiration from the likes of Steve Jobs, Mark zuckerberg , Richard branson and Oprah Winfrey

  • Happiness

    Learn to be grateful for the small things you have in your life. Don’t judge others or compare yourself to others. Learn that the struggle is an important part of building strength and resilience

  • Wealth & Prosperity

    Form a positive mindset to attract wealth in your life and obtain financial freedom. Wealth and abundance are important aspects in living a life that is financially stable and free of stress.

  • Confidence

    Obtain self confidence and overcome fear. Become the best you that you can be. Defeat fear of failure and form an inner belief that you will succeed no matter what. Visualize success and reprogram any negative self images that you might have of of yourself. Let go of limiting beliefs, as anything is possible when you put your mind to it


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  • Extremely helpful A very helpful and customizable app. A life improving, inspirational gift! Thank you!

    Tammy Kirkpatrick
  • So simple yet so powerful This is an App that everyone NEEDS. When my phone buzzes and I see those words of encouragement to push me forward.. sometimes it's just the kick I needed to get me to get back to work on my projects and dreams. Download this guys.. tell your friends family and anyone that could use a little support. It's totally worth it.

    Sam James
  • Very motivating and inspiring, I love having my little positive phrases it helps me get better. Also every day you have a quote for the selected areas, and this is very interesting and motivating

    Caroro Roar
  • Very nice app I really appreciate this app as it is so useful to a person who wants to be successful in his life.

    Naresh Mokal
  • It's a great way to stay positive and to keep your goals in the front of your mind

    Stephanie Zehr
  • Exactly what I was looking for. I love that I can put in my own affirmations and that they pop up throughout the day!

    Kelli Thomasson


  • Motivate my workout

    When you don’t have a personal trainer to push you to your limits, you have to find a way to motivate yourself.

    At the start of your workout select this feature and we will notify you of your saved Health & Fitness motivational reminders throughout the duration of your workout. Because the greatest progress in fitness is made when you are giving it 100%!

  • Text-To-Speech

    Read your affirmations out loud via your phones Text-To-Speech, hear and re-enforce the affirmation through another sense.

  • Huge positive affirmation list

    The app comes with a huge selection of positive affirmations to select and customize. Over 400 affirmations in 35 niche categories

    Including anti-stress, self-esteem, enhanced relationships, confidence, concentration, improved memory and positive expectations

  • Our tips newsletter

    Receive our tips newsletter, where we tell and teach you about personal development, visualization and positive thinking

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